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MedEquip Shop is a medical supply company that offers a wide variety of products. They carry everything from PPE to the equipment needed for those with mobility issues.

Some stand-out product categories include wheelchairs, incontinence care, bathroom safety, and walking aids. This program is beneficial if you have an audience of seniors needing at-home care items or an audience of at-home care providers.

MedEquip Shop offers a wide range of specialty rental products for the management of your health as well as bulk buying, price match guarantee, Veteran discounts, and seasonal savings.

Our Advantages

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MedEquip Shop Affiliate Program

Align with MedEquip Shop, a premier online supplier in the medical equipment industry, to enhance your website’s earning potential while elevating the shopping experience for your site visitors.

For those running websites centered around seniors, caregivers, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities, the MedEquip Shop Affiliate Program is an effective way to generate revenue while adding value for your audience.

As an affiliate, promoting our diverse range of medical supplies can drive income from orders placed via your unique referrals. Assure your audience of our commitment to superior product knowledge, dedicated customer service, and frequent promotional offers.

Affiliate Program Features:

  • Earn 8% commission rate
  • Benefit from a 45-day cookie duration
  • Reach our target audience: seniors, caregivers, medical professionals, and healthcare institutions
  • Experience high conversion rates and low product return percentages through our streamlined site design

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Benefits for Your Site Visitors:

  • Access to a vast range of medical supplies
  • Competitive pricing backed by a price match guarantee
  • Seamless ordering process
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Comprehensive buying guides
  • Regular promotions and discounts

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Search Policy: While we encourage affiliates to optimize their content using relevant SEO keywords, the use of “MedEquip Shop,” “medequipshop.com,” and any variations or misspellings is strictly prohibited.

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