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  • Golden Cambridge 3-Position $798.00

    The Cambridge PR-401 3-Position lift chair is built to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. This lift chair features a unique overstuffed biscuit-back design which provides you with plenty of support no matter how many hours you spend in the chair. This chair also comes with a full chaise pad for additional cushion and comfort.

  • Golden Comforter Series 3-Position $1,322.00

    About the Comforter 3-Position

    The Comforter 3-Position features unique coil spring technology to provide maximum support and comfort. The chair is constructed with 49 pocketed coil springs. Each spring glides up or down independently, so the seat actually sculpts itself to you. There are no sagging thanks to this unique construction, and your weight is comfortably displaced across the springs.

  • Golden Imperial 3-Position w/ PowerPillow $2,099.00

    About the PR-404

    The PR-404 gives you the ability to customize your position to the alignment that is most comfortable for you. The articulating headrest and power lumbar system are both power adjustable, and make it easy to find the perfect position. You can adjust your head position while the chair is in any setting to get just the right amount of support. With the lumbar support system, you can choose a pillow soft comfort, or opt for something that provides you with firmer support.

    This lift chair offers plenty of other features designed for your comfort, too. The backrest features individual pillows for the lower back, creating a comfortable yet supportive chair. Armrests are well-padded for comfort, but you can still grip them for added security when getting in or out of the chair. The full chaise pad offers total body support and comfort, and the pocketed coil spring seat offers a firm base that is also forgiving.

  • Golden Monarch PR-355 3-Position $720.00

    The Monarch lift chair by Golden is a distinctive recliner that combines a generously stuffed seam back with a soft supportive seat. Its three-way recline system allows you to get into our “full napper” position for deep comfort. Combining ample room to relax and a tasteful design, the Monarch recliner will be a welcome addition to your home.

  • Golden Orion PR-405 with Twilight $2,540.00

    About the Orion PR-405 with Twilight

    Achieve the ultimate in relaxation with the Orion PR-405 with Twilight. This unique lift chair is the only one of its kind, equipped with Golden Technologies’ Twilight technology. Twilight technology guides your body to a weight-neutral state of relaxation, cradling your body in each of the chair’s standard positions. This new technology adds two positions – “rejuv” and “Lounge” – to this 3-position lift chair. The “rejuv” position raises your knees above your heart, increasing circulation and helping to minimize swelling and edema. In the “Lounge” position, the chair gently cups your body so you feel weightless and comfortable.

  • Pride Classic LC-250 3-Position $799.00

    About the Classic LC-250 3-Position

    The Classic LC-250 3-Position lift chair is the perfect medium-to-large sized recliner. This lift chair features a split back design which is created to ensure you have plenty of support. Comfortable and built with plenty of padding, this lift chair comes standard with armrest covers to keep it looking great.

  • Pride Essential Collection LC-105 3-Position $794.00

    The Essential Collection LC-105 3-Position is a versatile and comfortable chair which is offered at an incredible price. This recliner offers three comfortable positions which are a great way to relax at the end of a long day. Its handheld controller is easy to use and the lift system is quiet and smooth for a relaxing experience.

  • Pride Heritage LC-358 Line 3-Position $1,204.00

    About the Pride Heritage Recliner Lift Chair LC-358 3-Position

    Get a quality lift chair at an unbeatable price with the Pride Heritage Lift Chair. This durable and strong chair has a 375-pound weight capacity. Its heavy-duty motor and furniture grade hardwood frame ensure that you can enjoy this lift chair for many years to come.

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